Lucky Lot

Lucky Lot is a cross-disciplinary agency based in Dublin. We work with an international talent pool of freelance professionals and independent artists to assemble pop-up creative teams. We help our clients create next-generation identities – both on and offline. We also offer Ignition Workshops: team-building events for clients who want to kick-start their own in-house communications.  

Our ‘cherry-pick’ model means that we can put forward a super-effective task force: the best independent strategists, designers, writers, photographers, filmmakers and technologists, wherever they may be found. Unifying trait: sure- footedness in a specialised craft. Connecting the right people for each project is part of our creative process and gives an edge to the work we produce. 

Some things we do: design and code websites, develop brand communications, build games, imagine spaces, play with projectors, stage events, write stories and make films. Ideally we do it all, for every project, in a different way. 

Our aim is to deliver surprising, stand-out results. 


Emelia Jones - Creative Director