How about a unique city centre location for your event?

The Chocolate Factory provides spaces for events over a wide range of categories and scales.


To date the Chocolate Factory has been proud host to 

• Weddings - for more info on weddings click here:

Numerous art exhibitions - Lighting can be arranged, plenty of space to display your work

Dance / Theatre Group Performances - Large open areas for stages and seating

Press Conferences - Unique location, food can be organised

Launch Events - Launch your event in a memorable city centre location

Degree Shows - Ample Space, Easy to get to. Right beside DIT Bolton St.

Photoshoots - Rare, raw, industrial aesthetic

Food events - Invite your guests to an event they will not forget

Music Video / Film Location - The Factory has been scouted and used in various films and music videos

Vintage Clothing Sale - 1 day, 300 people, tonnes of vintage clothes


If you are interested in arranging an event.

Get in touch with Susan & Grainne to talk about events and check availability:

Tel: 087 3521920

For Weddings, please get in touch with Susan & Grainne at:

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