How about a unique city centre location for your event?

The Chocolate Factory provides spaces for events over a wide range of categories and scales.


To date the Chocolate Factory has been proud host to 

• Weddings - for more info on weddings click here:

Numerous art exhibitions - Lighting can be arranged, plenty of space to display your work

Dance / Theatre Group Performances - Large open areas for stages and seating

Press Conferences - Unique location, food can be organised

Launch Events - Launch your event in a memorable city centre location

Degree Shows - Ample Space, Easy to get to. Right beside DIT Bolton St.

Photoshoots - Rare, raw, industrial aesthetic

Food events - Invite your guests to an event they will not forget

Music Video / Film Location - The Factory has been scouted and used in various films and music videos

Vintage Clothing Sale - 1 day, 300 people, tonnes of vintage clothes


If you are interested in arranging an event here please get in touch.

Get in touch with Ross to talk about events and check availability.


For Weddings, please get in touch with


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