Attic & Bizou ran by Gosia Phoebe Lipinska is a company that specialises in Up-Cycling and creating new from old. 

'When I see an old piece of furniture my imagination goes mad. Mad in a way Lewis Carroll would appreciate perhaps. In the way of jumping into imagined worlds that have no existence apart from the one conceived in a dream. I’m a dreamer, I guess. I found myself at the crossroads once, the crossroads of life choices and risky decisions. Standing there, unsure what lies ahead, I closed my eyes and jumped. Jumped into the rabbit’s burrow which only I could see. This is how Attic Bizou came to be in 2012. Firstly to answer the need, the desire, and lifelong passion for venerably matured chairs, archaic commodes and ragged sofas whispering echoes of stories told long time ago.

This passion for old furniture I inherited from my father who would take me to the flea market and tell stories about different kinds of timber used to manufacture a piece of curiously bizarre chair or methods of preparing leather for worn-up upholstery. He would buy these fantastic chairs and cabinets and make them become… something beautiful and impressively intriguing. And so familiar. At least to me. The passion of his became my life. My job. And my vocation."  - Gosia Lipinska


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