Growing Food made from local rain, local compost, local sunshine    

The idea is to convert a negative space into one that creates benefit for the community  

Urban Farm Workshops & Rooftop space where we are researching and demonstrating intensive urban growing techniques, but we will not just be growing food & keeping fowl & bees. 

We have begun building facilities to host events & community groups and provide hands-on workshops that teach responsible food production, carpentry, energy-saving systems, ecological cycles, and community self-sufficiency  observing organic & pesticide free practices. We go beyond the normal timber yards and builders suppliers, all materials used are salvaged from waste, meaning most supplies used in the production of the farm have been diverted from landfill, de-constructed & up-cycled on site .We compost on the rooftop with the help of City Composting Ltd, a new start-up company helping to lower the volume of waste produced, and encouraging the reduction of the city's carbon footprint. City Composting aims to provide Dublin centre with a reliable and sustainable composting service. An Efficient and Eco friendly bio-waste collection service, for businesses and residents lacking their own composting facilities, utilising cargo bicycles to collect and remove the waste material for transfer to the roof top composting facility.                                               

Working with other local businesses to install and maintain rooftop gardens, composting and other creative urban  growing projects for the purpose of healthy food production, neighbourhood revitalization, and community engagement, we are also partnering with local sustainable organizations for training communities in growing food—our rooftop farm offers the necessary space for students and teachers to practice their skills while maintaining the garden at the same time. Through cultivating a network of urban farmers, we hope to catalyse social changes that will improve the livelihood and liveability of our city spaces.

This is an Open Space that provides accessible Food, Education & Recreation. We have established a strong group of neighbourhood volunteers and are recruiting more every day. 

We up-cycle & re-cycle & cycle our bikes everywhere, we are generally building this farm with up-cycled materials and of course we can't make everything so we will out source materials and parts from time to time, but only when we can't beg, borrow or find them ourselves

Get Involved today 

Join Us Growing Organically & Sustainably on the Roof!!

Plant the seeds of community change by learning, volunteering, speaking out and donating. Your involvement with Urban Farm will nourish a community hungry for a healthy city. We welcome you to spend either a half day or a full day on the farm learning and working side-by-side. We will be in touch with you regarding the availability of your day(s) to volunteer on the farm.  If you have further questions, get involved & spread the word, please send us a mail!