Soar is a collective movement which believes that there is greatness within all young people. We act on this by creating and delivering early intervention-preventative, wellness workshops for young people aged 12 to 18 years from all backgrounds. Our workshops empower young people to thrive, believe in themselves and fulfil their true potential. Within a safe and supportive environment, they are given the opportunity to be themselves and explore any challenges that hold them back from doing so. We have worked with over 25,000 young people since 2012 and we’re just getting started!

Soar was founded in 2012 by Tony Griffin and Karl Swan. They were inspired by the work of Jim Stynes and The Reach Foundation in Melbourne Australia having seen the documentary “Every Heart Beats True: The Jim Stynes Story”.

In October 2012, Soar was recognised as an award winning organisation in achieving the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Impact Award. This success in the first year was vital in building the foundations of the Soar you see today. Soar is now led by a high performing Board of Directors and a tribe of wildly enthusiastic staff, facilitators and volunteers who care deeply about our young people. You can learn about our journey so far in our Soar Story.
Read all of our previous chapters on www.issuu.com/soar_foundation/stacks

Our Youth Crew is made up of 40 young people from all over the country. They come from different backgrounds and are a melting pot of honesty, creativity and brilliance. They are currently in a two-year training program with the aim of being the next wave of Youth Facilitators in 2018.

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