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Colette Kinsella is is the founder of Red Hare Media and is a multi-award winning independent radio producer based in Ireland.

She produces and presents documentaries, series, reports, short features and ultra-short inserts for Irish broadcasters, including RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM, East Coast FM, and Newstalk 106-108fm, and has made content for international broadcasters like the BBC World Service, WDR radio in Germany, ABC RN.

Colette's work has been played on radio stations in the US, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, the UK, and on the BBC World Service. Her work has also been featured on the Third Coast Festival (USA), 99 Percent Invisible, and Third Ear (Denmark).

As well as her radio work, Colette produces the podcast “Science Drops!” a series of 90-second wacky pop-science shorts:

Colette is also producer and co-host, along with science communicator Collie Ennis, of “The Critter Shed”, an irreverent look at the natural world (oh, and it's recorded in a shed full of creepy crawlies):

Before she learned to press 'record' on a digital recorder, Colette worked as a translator (German-English) and food hygiene trainer in Germany (in German), and as a copy editor and contributing writer/photographer for Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper in Cairo, Egypt.

She lived in Germany, Australia and Egypt for many years before returning to Ireland in 2006. 

You can hear some of her work here: