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Off the Cuffe is a Bitters Manufacturer, founded by Jarrod Cuffe & Barry Gargan in 2016 based in the Chocolate factory on Kings Inn St, Dublin 1.

What do we have to offer?

We offer handcrafted bitters made in Dublin using Irish Newmake Whiskey Spirit.

We currently have two flavours: Aromatic and Citrus.

Our bitters are characterized by purity of flavour. This is due to the quality of the Newmake, the

use of organic herbs and our extraction process. They are also highly concentrated. A little goes a long way, making our bitters a great addition to any bar.

The People

As an ex-chef, Jarrod Cuffe has always believed in the importance of flavour balance. He also likes interacting with people so he left the kitchen life behind and became a bartender. Originally from Australia, Jarrod has worked in bars in Paris, London & Dublin.

Barry Gargan, a bartender since his early teens, stumbled into cocktails in 2008. Always a firm

believer in everything homemade and handcrafted, he has progressed from making syrups, shrubs and infusions to producing washes, vinegars, liqueurs and now, bitters.