Anahata Yoga Dublin was founded by Leo Harte in December 2017 in order to bring the Tradition of Hatha Yoga to the community.

Leo started practicing Yoga in 2013  in order to improve her mental health where in that time she used to work in a corporate environment.

After a few months of regular practice Leo could clearly experience the benefits from the mental to the physical sides, including healthier spine, strong body, self confidence, clear and focused mind, less mood swings and joy back to her life.  

Leo was clearly immersed in passion with the Yoga, so in February 2017 she decided to immerse herself in a Yoga teacher Training in India to learn more about the art of Yoga.

After coming back from India, Leo felt in her heart in sharing this ancient practice to help other people to experience the life transformation that Yoga can bring.

Anahata Yoga Dublin was born, we chose the name Anahata as it represents the fourth chakra which connect us to our emotional self, bringing harmony, forgiveness, sincerity and love. 

Opening our heart to meet our true self we become more realistic of what matters in the world.

Our core teachings and practices focus on helping people to achieve healthier minds and bodies.

Yoga clearly helps to create balance , reduce stress and generate a feeling of overall wellness, through practice.

Our classes consists of Breathing techniques, meditation, Yoga Asanas (postures) and Relaxation.

Anahata Yoga Dublin offers classes 5 days a week from Beginners Yoga to Improvers classes. We also offer Pregnancy Yoga, Private and Corporate Yoga classes, workshops, and other diverse therapies to assist all of our clients achieve healthier minds and bodies.


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