Aisling Griffin is a graphic designer and surface designer from Waterford.

She loves to use humour, simplicity and colour in her work.


Her primary business, Treetop Studio (established in 2012), is a Graphic Design studio with a personal touch.

Aisling branched out by herself as she wanted to create a certain lifestyle and have control over the type of work she produced.

She loves to deal directly with her clients and really listen to their needs.

Treetop Studio's main areas of focus are brand identity, print design and illustration.


Aisling's second business (established in 2016) goes under her own name, Ais Griffin.

Through this surface design business, Aisling creates illustrated greeting cards, screen & digitally printed treasures and also hosts workshops.

"I love to step away from the computer sometimes and just get back to basics. Creating an image from scratch and seeing it come to life across various surfaces 

is just so satisfying". She uses stencil screen printing in her work and demonstrates in her workshops how basic, everyday materials can produce bold and powerful results.

Aisling's products are sold in the Corner Shop in the Chocolate Factory and also online.



Contact Aisling: 087 6119331